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          1890 研究 & 延期

          1890 延期 CenterThe 1890 研究 & 延期 Program at SC State University offers an important public service for rural and urban limited-resource families who are in need of the latest research-based scientific knowledge, sustainable practices in agriculture, financial management, business development, parenting skills, health and nutrition, and computer skills. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state and local government, 1890 programs are making a difference in South Carolina communities and changing lives.

          获取1890延伸,接触德尔伯特吨信息。福斯特,分机1890管理员,在(803)536-8191或 dfoster@scsu.edu

          获取1890年的研究,联系医生信息。路易·d。 Whitesides的,1890年的研究管理员,在(803)536-8191或 lwhitesides@scsu.edu

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