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          IP Stanback Museum & Planetarium对手机澳门银河的校园博物馆和天文馆的概念起源于70年代初期。第一个展览是位于高校图书馆的地下室惠特克画廊空间。博物馆的建筑目前在1980年被修建,并命名为受托人大学董事会,以色列平克尼Stanback,一个突出的商人和慈善家从南卡罗来纳州的第一位非洲裔主席。 Stanback担任了当时从1966年至1982年南卡罗来纳州州立大学。

          该 I. P. Stanback Museum & Planetarium, established in 1980 on the campus of South Carolina State University, is a unique facility among historically black colleges and universities, based upon the fact of its combination of an art museum, centered upon engagement with the humanities through diverse forms of cultural expression, combined with a planetarium, focused upon the study of the cosmos, our planet (the Earth), and the physical, chemical, and biological sciences, all in a single facility. This unique integration of the arts and sciences situates 手机澳门银河 in an excellent position to become an important national model as a contributor to the integration of the diverse humanities with science programs and curricula, creating a significant cultural conversation pertaining to new directions for how the humanities and sciences may interface in order to enhance the quality of life for local, regional, national and global citizens and communities.

          腹腔Stanback博物馆和天文馆 是南卡罗莱纳州立大学的承诺,社区服务的方式,增强了艺术和科学二者的升值在一个单一的设备。博物馆的项目包括审美,历史和教学资料,科学和技术的介绍和鼓励批判性思维能力和创造能力为学生和成人ITS选区的发展。

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